Thursday, October 25, 2012

Shake what your momma gave you!

A couple of weeks ago, my mom introduced me to ViSalus Vi-Shape nutritional shake mix that is geared toward weight management and healthy nutrition. Shortly after seeing and hearing about her transformation with ViSalus, I purchased my first Shape-Up kit. ViSalus provides options for five varieties of challenge kits: athletic performance, transformation, core, shape, and balance kits.

These shakes aren't your traditional dieting drinks found in your local supermarket like Slim-Fast, or those Special K shakes that leave a bad taste in your mouth. You can actually tailor these to your tastes preferences by adding in your favorite fruits, or try giving your Vi-Shape shake a burst of flavor and a nutritional boost with Shape-Up health flavor mix-ins.

Choose from Strawberry Phyto Power, Banana Energy Charge, Peach Complexion Mix, Orange Everyday Defense and Chocolate Cardia Care. These awesome mix-ins are super-concentrated with vitamins and extracts. Get creative and mix-and-match for custom shake flavor combos, or add them into your oatmeal, cottage cheese, frozen yogurt or other of your favorite foods and drinks.

Combine 2 scoops of protein
2 ice cubes
Top with fruit
Fill with unsweetened soy milk

For the past two weeks I've been replacing breakfast with these tasty protein shakes, and can really feel the difference. Between the extra vitamins, minerals, protein, and fiber packed into these shakes I have been receiving healthy energy and hydration, to help my body fight fatigue while staying energized. Additionally, I'm also getting optimal support for heart health, cognitive function, and joint health. The nutritional support also helps curb my hunger, and burn fat. These shakes are the perfect breakfast after a morning run!



  1. I love this idea for two reasons: one being that I find it hard to eat a heavy meal in the morning and the other being that I usually don't have the time. This protein shake idea seems easy to prepare and light, yet nutritional. I love these ideas, keep them coming!

  2. I'm right there with you! I'm not big on eating heavy first thing in the morning, but I usually do hear my stomach rumbling. One of these shakes are perfect for this. Thanks for the feedback!