Thursday, December 13, 2012

Running With Technology

Through my journey of training for my first 5k, I have come across some useful tools to help me track my workouts. Recently there was a Groupon for a pedometer, so at half off I was able to purchase it to track my daily step counts, the distance I run, and time my strides. Even if I lost myself in a good run and let time slip away the pedometer has a digital clock to help me stay on track with my busy schedule.

My route for running goes from my house, into a near-by park, but I was never sure how far I was running. In order to prepare better for the 5k, I wanted to be able to set weekly running goals and work up my endurance with different walking to running timing intervals. At the beginning of the training the pedometer was just what I was looking for. Until my best friend gave me an early Christmas/birthday present :)

After loosing two iPod's to water incidents, I was lost trying to run without any tunes to motivate me. My dear friend gave me the best gift I've received in a long time, an iPod Nano 7th generation! My other two iPod's were nothing compared to this one.

Now not only can I keep track of all my music, but I can also stay updated on my favorite tv shows, movies, podcasts, and home videos, keep track of my fitness without getting tangled in headphone cords with the new Bluetooth technology, and tune into FM radio.

It seems like the possibilities are almost endless with this device that is about the size of a credit card. But don't let the size fool you, this new nano boasts a new multi-touch screen that's nearly double the size of the previous iPod nano. The best part about the whole thing are all the fun colors the new nano comes in...

You can't forget the case convenient for running and exercise. The purple arm band pictured below is more of a fashion band that can be purchased on Amazon for $12.85.

Or you could go for a sportier version from Belkin found on Amazon and Best Buy for $29.99.

This iPod Nano has been my favorite workout partner so far. It gives me some much needed musical motivation and provides real-time feedback. With the Nike+ support and built-in pedometer, there's no need   to connect a receiver or use a shoe sensor to track my steps, distance, pace, time and calories burned. 

With the Bluetooth technology, I can connect wirelessly to heart rate monitors and headphones- this makes running with my hyper Jack Russell so much easier! And at the end of my workout, I sync my iPod Nano to to track my daily activities and goals, check my NikeFuel, and monitor my fitness progress against my friends.

I have also recently downloaded Endomondo, which is an app for iPhone users which is very similar to the nano. The only difference I've found so far is that the app tracks my path and can provide satellite images of my run to share with my friends. Pretty cool! 

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