Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Sorry for the inconsistency

While there definitely has not been a lack of cooking going on in my home, there definitely has been a lack of blogging about what I've been up to in the kitchen. And for this, I am sorry.

I promise to get you caught up on all the wonderful recipes I have come across, and have made an attempt of recreating.

Unfortunately, I have been finding it rather difficult to keep up with the blog. Blogging has surprisingly become a hobby that I really do enjoy. I just wish I could find more time to dedicate towards my blog.

On the other hand, I am proud to say I have come a long way with wedding plans, focusing on my relationships with my family and friends, and getting everything for my classes finished in time for the end of this grueling semester.

So while I am sorry for the inconsistency of this blog, I can't say I am sorry for using my valuable time wisely for the important tasks and projects I have been able to accomplish in the last few weeks.

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